Вагиф Абилов (object) wrote,
Вагиф Абилов

Перелистывание рукописей Леонардо и Моцарта в интернете

The British Library is one of the world's leading libraries and the national library of the United Kingdom. By charter, it holds a copy of every book ever published in the UK, along with 58 million newspapers, 4.5 million maps, and 3.5 million sound recordings. They hold some of the most priceless literary treasures in existence, including the Codex Sinaiticus (one of the oldest New Testaments in existence), the Lindisfarne Gospels, one of Leonardo Da Vinci's notebooks, the first atlas of Europe by Mercator, the original illustrated manuscript Lewis Carroll's Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, Jane Austen's History of England and Mozart's musical diary. ...

Enter a fantastic new application, developed in partnership between the British Library and Armadillo Systems. The British Library have digitized the pages of fifteen of their most valuable works and created Turning the Pages, a browser-based WPF application that allows you to interact with these books in a virtual environment from the comfort of your home.


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