Вагиф Абилов (object) wrote,
Вагиф Абилов

За что стоит любить американцев

Кинолюбитель из штата Кентукки Томас Беннигнас писал о фильме "Андрей Рублев" на IMDB:

The most profoundly affecting film of my life

Having had the privilege of visiting Russia and anticipating a return next month, I admit to being a complete Russophile. The mystery, emotion and history of this remarkable country have found places in my soul I was scarcely aware of. This masterful film manages to evoke the sensations I felt during my month's long visit. The Russian people, among the dearest I have known, have suffered as have few others in all of history. The art of this magnificent country is always tinged in dark tones. The music, if not in a minor key, evokes minor key emotions. The literature, even with Gogol, clearly delineates the suffering and hardships with which all Russians are familiar. Therefore, it was not surprising to find all of this so strongly depicted in Andrei Rublyov. However, the beauty that somehow transcended the misery and bleakness constantly before the viewer was redemptive. The scene in which the iconographer holds the sobbing boy is one of the most touching and devastating on film. I sat before the screen with tears streaming down my cheeks. It may sound hyperbolic, but I found this film absolutely life-changing. I am returning to Russia to volunteer in an orphanage. Moreover, I am fully prepared to end my life in that great enigmatic country. Indeed, this film has changed my life. I cannot recommend it too highly.

Взрослый человек, посмотрев фильм, признается в том, что это изменило его жизнь, которую он теперь готов посвятить показанной в фильме стране. Все это очень по-американски.
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