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Научный подход к подарковедению


Блог Ерика Ганнерсона (один из участников C#-проекта)

I practice random acts of giftitude.

Rather than following some calendar-based approach, I give my wife gifts at random intervals, and of random sizes.

There are some big benefits to this approach:

1. Random gifts == no expectations of gifts. Your love isn't guided by the whim of an advertising executive. Your love is original
2. You get much more credit. Any slob can pick up some flowers on valentines day. But how many can pick up a single rose on April 8th?
3. There's no expectation of the size of gift on a random day.
4. There's no chance of forgetting to get a present.

Two caveats:

1. It may not be a good idea to disclose this approach to the giftee
2. At least initially, you will probably need to increase the gift amount, and it's a good idea to "accidentally" come home with something a few days before one of the traditional dates.

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