Вагиф Абилов (object) wrote,
Вагиф Абилов

1999 joke ported to 2007 and adjusted for C#

Диалог в дискуссионном форуме CodeProject.com

Собеседник 1, пересказывает на новый лад старую программистскую шутку:
  Joe : I've used some P/Invoke to speed up my C# class.
  Mary : Joe, you know Win API?
  Joe : Yeah, I do.
  Mary : Oh Joe, you are so smart.

Собеседник 2: This joke is sexist. Why isn't it Mary writing the code and Joe fawning over how smart she is?

Собеседник 3: That would still be sexist now wouldn't it.

Собеседник 4, предлагает политкорректный вариант:
  Joe : We've used some P/Invoke to speed up our C# class.
  Mary : I'm glad we know Win API.
  Joe : Me, too.
  Bob : Oh Joe and Mary, you are so smart.

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