Вагиф Абилов (object) wrote,
Вагиф Абилов

Свадьба Элтона Джона

Френд-лента повторяет новость о том, что Элтон Джон в декабре намерен сыграть свадьбу в Константиновском дворце под Санкт-Петербургом.

Учитывая характер российской толерантности к гомосексуализму, а также склонность российских СМИ к художественному переводу, попробовал найти какие-то подтверждения новости в англоязычных новостях. Нашел - в "MosNews" :-) Вот что они пишут: On Dec. 21, the day civil partnerships between gay couples become legal in Britain, pop star Elton John will marry his longtime partner David Furnish and celebrate it at the baroque Konstantinovsky palace outside St. Petersburg, NTV-Petersburg TV channel reported. As British gay lifestyle magazine “Attitude” reported this week, the ceremony was going to be “very private”. However, the large and luxury, freshly reconstructed palace serves not only as a place for major receptions, but mainly as a presidential residence for Vladimir Putin. The presidential administration has spent $280 million on its renewal, using funds of commercial firms. The work ended in a scam — contractors still claim they were underpayed.

Значит журнал "Attitude". Вот как его цитирует The State: “It’ll be a very small family affair, and then in the evening there’ll be a soiree somewhere, which we have yet to work out,” John told Attitude magazine in an interview released Thursday.

Ни слова о Петербурге. Попробовал сузить поиск запроса по новостям до "Elton John Attitude Petersburg". Нашел одну статью. Ту самую, в MosNews.

Остальные западные СМИ пишут примерно одно и то же: The couple told a British magazine that they are planning a small, private civil ceremony, apparently in Britain, on Dec. 21, the day the U.K. Civil Partnership Act takes effect giving gay civil partnerships many of the same rights as married heterosexual couples. They remained vague about the details though, and exactly where in Britain the ceremony might be held remains a secret.

Почти везде - "they are yet to work out the location".

В сети содержимого "Attitude" нет, но похоже на очередные сложности с переводом.
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