Вагиф Абилов (object) wrote,
Вагиф Абилов

Меня заменит обезьяна

New Tech Developer Update рассказал, что приматы обучаемы программированию. Хотя Java идет сложнее, чем Visual Basic.

After simple training in Windows® menu navigation, McAuliffe presented the baboons with modern development tools. Predictably, they were baffled by anything to do with modern Java IDEs such as SunONE®, Visual Age® and Jbuilder®. None of the animals understood the Java programming language, even the ‘alpha’ animals. However, most subjects immediately understood Visual Basic 3.0, and even displayed some comprehension of the VB3 debugger and simple VB data types.

Впрочем, some researchers observing the experiments commented that Visual Basic 3.0 was “way too easy for these baboons” to learn, and pushed for more Java testing.

Насчет бейсика я знал всегда. Но про Яву - это, наверное, Скот МакНили проплатил. Непосредственно павианам.

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