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Вагиф Абилов

Тяжелый случай

Clients that do not use the client interfaces specifically created for these purposes will be banned from the LiveJournal.com service...
We will ban any clients that screen scrape. This is LiveJournal's policy, and we enforce it. We will not allow clients that are going to hurt the quality of service we provide.
In this instance, I am speaking for LiveJournal.com the company, the site, the service, whatever you want to call it, after discussing this client and issue with Brad, owner of the site, as well as my fellow employees. If you screen scrape, your client will be banned. If you download other people's journals outside of what is allowed by the client interface, your client will be banned.
Is this how you are downloading entries? If so, your program will likely be banned in very short order.
Oh, also, multi-threaded clients get banned by us too.
Your journal is your property. Their journal is their property. As a general rule, we do not want people downloading other people's journals, because bad stuff lies that way.
As for using ALJ...why? I wrote jbackup, the Perl script that already does everything ALJ does.

По наводке ailev

UDPATE. Все высказывания, на которые я сослался, теперь закрыты. Военная тайна, оказалось. Вы уж не разглашайте.
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