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День смерти

Забросил дурацкий определитель дня смерти в форум CodeProject'а. Неожиданно завязалась дискуссия.

Magnus пишет:
Tuesday, June 4, 2030
Fall Down Stairs
Even my death is boring.

На что ему возражает Douglas:
Not necessarily ... it all depends on HOW you fall down the stairs. I would suggest watching some older western gun slinger movies. Work on your breaking through hand rails ... plummeting down to the next flight, rolling off that landing, crashing through THAT hand rail, maybe landing on your feet, only to flip over the next landing ...

Now, if you can make it so you crash out a window FIRST ... that would be total class.

Hey, it's just a thought.

А tl аж вспомнил Булгакова:
...When are you going to die?'
Here the barman became indignant.
'Nobody knows that and it's nobody's concern,' he replied.
'Sure nobody knows,' the same trashy voice came from the study. The binomial theorem, you might think! He's going to die in nine months, next February, of liver cancer, in the clinic of the First Moscow State University, in ward number four.'

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