Вагиф Абилов (object) wrote,
Вагиф Абилов

Free stuff vs. free stuff

Письмо Клеменса Вастерса о бесплатных программах.

The whole thing about “free software” is a lie. It’s a dream created and made popular by people who have a keen interest in having cheap software so that they can drive down their own cost and profit more or by people who can easily demand it, because they make their money out of speaking at conferences or write books about how nice it is to have free software. At the bottom of the food chain are people like you, who are easily fooled by the “let’s make the world a better place” rhetoric and who are so enthusiastic about technology that writing open-source – or any source for that matter – is the absolutely best imaginable way to spend their time. It doesn’t matter whether you love what you are doing and consider this the hobby you want to spend 110% of your time on: It’s exploitation by companies who are not at all interested in creating stuff. They want to use your stuff for free. That’s why they trick you into doing it.

And I sure understand the whole altruistic aspect of this and the idea of helping people to have better lives through free software. There’s a saying that goes: “If you are 20 and you aren’t a communist you have no heart.”, but it continues “if you are 30 and you still are a communist, you lack rationality”.

Ответ Мэтью Мастрацци. Откровенный колхоз. I give what I can (A). You give what you can (B). We both gain A+B=Z. If you think that giving without the expectation of receiving is "idiocy" or "bigotry", you're living an awefully selfish life. Он даже не удосужился навести справки о том, чем занимается Клеменс, в частности, о проекте dasBlog - бесплатном блоггере под лицензией BSD, ну и прочих тысячах строк кода, которые Клеменс публикует для всеобщего пользования. Просто Клеменс этим занимается без морализирования, не требуя, чтобы все вокруг было бесплатно, зарабатывая при этом очень неплохие деньги в своем детище Newtelligence.

Вот собственно и ответ самого Клеменса Вастерса.
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