Вагиф Абилов (object) wrote,
Вагиф Абилов

А вот и журнал "Корея"

Почти. Интернет-версия.

Но у папы его лучше выходило. На бумаге. Читался запоем. К тому же был на русском. А здесь - польский есть, эсперанто есть, а русского - нет. Все чучхе - полякам?

Работает анимация. При проведении мышкой по кнопке вспыхивает табличка "GO IN".

Живут по-прежнему с огоньком. A synchronized swimming demonstration performance took place at the Swimming Pool of the Changgwang Health Complex on February 15 to celebrate Feb. 16. At the swimming pool in festive mood hundreds of performers carrying immortal Kimjongilias in their hands depicted letters "February 16" and a floral basket of best wishes carrying the mind of servicemen and people for warm congratulations amidst the playing of the melody "Best Wish for Good Health to Comrade Supreme Commander." In "Songun Nillili,""Let us leave traces of worthy life" and other numbers demonstrating high technique of synchronized swimming the performers showed such skills as quick rise and turn to the tune of joyous melodies, acclaimed by the spectators.
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