November 26th, 2007


Blue screen of death: now in Leopard

"Thanks to Leopard, the dreaded Blue Screen of Death is now a part of the Mac operating system. When I first tell this to Mac users that haven't yet upgraded to Leopard, I usually hear something like "Yeah, I get Blue Screens of Death when I use Windows on my Mac". No, that's not quite what I mean - Blue Screens of Death are occurring not only in Windows, but in Leopard as well."

Интересно, может ли Microsoft засудить за это Apple?

А вот в это просто трудно верится: "Perhaps the most troublesome of the problems has been a data loss issue caused by Finder, which performs a function on Macs similar to that of Explorer in Windows. In Leopard, when Finder moves a file from one drive to another, it deletes the file from the originating hard drive, without first checking to see if the file arrived safely on the destination hard drive. If anything goes wrong during the file transfer, such as a momentary power glitch on the destination hard drive, the file would then be destroyed on both hard drives."

Ролик СПС об антихристе (via alex_smirnov).

Интересно, а какова история создания этого ролика? Я, честно говоря, уже не удивлюсь, если он создавался в строгой серьезности, хотя больше походит на пародию типа "Смотри, Мамонтов, как пургу надо гнать". Выложен на YouTube, кстати, похоже, подлинной Марией Гайдар.