December 16th, 2005



Статья о России:

There have been plans in the pipeline to replace Russia with another ocean, as Russia is mostly big and pointless and the ocean breeze would make Central Asia a much nicer place to be. Part of this plan was actually carried out, but as soon as the Neorusso Sea iced over, nobody could tell the difference, except for some angry giraffes, which have since attempted to form their own branch of the Russian tree, though they have not yet succeeded, because they'd like to call it Chechnya.

И о США:

It is interesting to notice that people from United States of America call the country America, which is the name of the whole continent where the US lies on. It proves that United Statesians (as they should properly be called) lack geographical knowledge, want to conquer the world, or are just a bunch of stupid fat ass Homer Simpsons.

А в статье о Норвегии разъясняется происхождение названия ее столицы: Capital: Oslo. Name comes from Russian word "Осло", or city of donkeys.