Вагиф Абилов (object) wrote,
Вагиф Абилов

Протеиновый бар

Проходил в Чикаго мимо т.н. "Протеинового бара", захотелось пить. Нашел в меню напиток под названием "The Red Line", клубника с бананами.

- Please the large "Red Line".
- What protein would you like?
- (хмм) What do you have?
- Whey, soy, egg?
- (хмм, эээ) Let it be soy!
- What kind of milk would you like? 2%? Skim? Soy? Almond?
- (хмм, хмм, эээ) 2%!
- Do you want boost?
- Sorry, I didn't get it, what was that?
- Additional boost. Multi-vitamin, fat-burner, energy, flu-fighter, hangover, fiber?
- (эээ, хммм) Energy!
- Anything else, sir?
- (испуганно) No, no, that will be it, I'm fine!
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