Вагиф Абилов (object) wrote,
Вагиф Абилов

Из твиттера

@KevlinHenney: Vocal religious opposition helps us identify good ideas, eg heliocentrism, evolution, evidence-based reasoning, women's rights, gay marriage
@jonskeet: Slavery, poverty, war?
@KevlinHenney: Yes, sadly, those too. History tells a sad and mixed tale that includes the range from support to indifference to opposition.
@jonskeet: So what you're saying is that religious folks, like all of the rest of humanity, sometimes make bad judgement calls?
@KevlinHenney: Whilst that is very true, I'm not focusing individuals and personal actions, but (1) groups and (2) vocal support.
@jonskeet: But you're handily choosing to ignore vocal support for worthy aims (e.g. Make Poverty History). Confirmation bias?
@KevlinHenney: I am fully aware of these, but if I look at general trends across history and the planet, these are sadly the smaller players.
@jonskeet: The church has a lot to be ashamed of, certainly - but you can't help but appear to be one-sided if you ignore the good sides.
@KevlinHenney: I am also not picking on any one church organisation. Religion and its organisation have a very broad expression.

Оба участника диалога - известные личности в мире программистов. Первое утверждение очень выразительно: "Шумный религиозный протест помогает нам выявить хорошие идеи, такие как гелиоцентризм, эволюция, рассуждение по очевидности, права женщин, однополые браки." Джон Скит всегда очень педантичен, но его возражение в данном случае, по-моему, не очень по сути сказанного Хенни: он, конечно же, не противопоставляет Церковь и хорошие идеи.
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