Вагиф Абилов (object) wrote,
Вагиф Абилов

Обезьяны пишут Гамлета


Весь тред прекрасен, некоторые выдержки:

"True, this is a very large number, but most numbers are larger."

"Not really. There's this infinite set of negative numbers to contend with."

"In fact one monkey alone would write Hamlet an infinite number of times given unlimited time."

"If you have an infinite number of monkeys, then an infinite subset of them will just sit and type out Hamlet, letter-for-letter, straight away. So after a few hours you will have an infinite number of copies of Hamlet."

"Fortunately, Hamlet is out of copyright. But they'll also write copies of everything that is in copyright, plus hexadecimal representations of binary files for every copyrighted movie, TV show, recording, etc., so they're still in big trouble."

И возвращение в щемящую реальность: "I believe there was an actual experiment done with monkeys in a room with typewriters to see what exactly they would produce. If I recall correctly the monkeys destroyed the typewriters."

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