Вагиф Абилов (object) wrote,
Вагиф Абилов

Linus Torvalds for mere mortals

I think goto's are fine, and they are often more readable than large
amounts of indentation. Of course, in stupid languages like Pascal, where labels cannot be
descriptive, goto's can be bad. But that's not the fault of the goto,
that's the braindamage of the language designer.

> However, I have always been taught, and have always believed that
> "goto"s are inherently evil. They are the creators of spaghetti code

No, you've been brainwashed by CS people who thought that Niklaus Wirth
actually knew what he was talking about. He didn't. He doesn't have a
frigging clue.

> I thought Edsger Dijkstra coined the "gotos are evil" bit in his
> structured programming push?

Yeah, he did, but he's dead, and we shouldn't talk ill of the dead. So
these days I can only rant about Niklaus Wirth, who took the "structured
programming" thing and enforced it in his languages (Pascal and Modula-2),
and thus forced his evil on untold generations of poor CS students who had
to learn langauges that weren't actually useful for real work.


Прав Торвалдс? Абсолютно! Для себя. Потому что

Таков поэт: как Аквилон,
Что хочет, то и носит он –
Орлу подобно, он летает
И, не спросясь ни у кого,
Как Дездемона, выбирает
Кумир для сердца своего.

Но от всякого последователя этих его слов, не имеющего за плечами опыта создания успешной оперативной системы, стоит держаться подальше. Я бы сказал - как можно дальше.
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